Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I Suppose I Love Him Really

Five minutes after we've waved him goodbye I realize that he's gone off to work with my car keys in his pocket (yet again) leaving me stranded in the house on a wet and grumpy Wednesday.

All day long I curse him and practice the piece of my mind that I'll give him upon his return. But then three things happen that silence my grumbles and moans:

*He pushes open the door with a sheepish smile and offers to climb straight back in the car so that we can buy chips and pudding

*Over the sticky scrapings of the yogurt pot he initiates a 'follow my leader' silly noises game with John that lasts almost to bedtime and makes me laugh so hard that I develop a severe case of indigestion

*After dinner I walk into the living room to find them both stuffed inside the tiny play tent, cozily sharing a story as though it were a glorious secret

He might have an infuriating habit of pocketing keys, but I suppose I love him really.

1 comment:

  1. I think I would get another set of keys and keep them hidden. Thanks for the smile.