Monday, 10 October 2011

Random Kindness

After half a service during which John tested the acoustics of the church, the strength of his vocal chords and the limits of my patience, the old man who sits on the very back pew and welcomes us with such warmth came over to share the peace with us.

He shook our hands and smiled kindly at John and then said: "I think you're a wonderful couple, the way you're bringing this little boy up."

Later, as I sat in the churchyard, watching John run happily amongst the tombstones I remembered his unexpected and undeserved kindness, and his words made tears slip down my cheeks.

And I wondered whether anyone had ever said anything quite so encouraging to me before and whether I'd ever said anything quite so kind to anybody else in my life.


  1. Oh that did my heart good. After what happened to me at church, I despair of God's family at times....good to know there is real kindness out