Monday, 21 November 2011


Sometimes I feel as though I'm forever chasing after happiness.

I chase it clickety-click across the internet, I search for it miserably in garishly bright shops, I chase it with lists and plans and unachievable dreams, and yet somehow it seems to flutter away from me, like the leaves that wind their own way from the trees and land far from my outstretched hands.

But John's happiness is instinctive and easy.

He doesn't chase the leaves that are still fluttering through the air just beyond his reach, but sees the beautiful golden ones that are already nestled about his feet.

He picks them up and treasures them.

He smiles because he's happy.

And as I witness his wholehearted happiness and spend time in his calm and contented presence, I learn afresh what it means to be happy.

I see the beauty of the life beneath my very feet and I stop searching for something that's forever beyond my reach.

I pause and remember that I'm happy because he's happy.  

And I wonder once again how it is that this small boy is already so much wiser than me, and whether I'll ever be as good a role model for him as he already is for me.

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  1. That is beautiful. One of the great things about having small children is we see the world afresh once more. Happiness is indeed not in a shop window or internet; well not all the time anyway!