Monday, 14 November 2011

Remember, Remember

A week later than planned, we finally lit our bonfire.

We watched the flames leap towards the stars with a roar of enthusiasm and then settle themselves into a comfortable crackle, we perched ourselves on the damp wooden bench to eat our hot dogs and then we watched the fireworks that Daddy lit for us with unrepressed boyish enthusiasm.

I cradled John's padded little body in one hand and cupped warm cranberry punch in the other, and the tiny bonfire cast a magic glow on John's face as short showers of stars burst through the blackness and then disappeared into dark clouds of smoke.

And as John clapped with unreserved joy and cried "Stars please Daddy," between each shower of sparks I thought: 'I will never have another bonfire night quite like this', and the thought was beautiful and burning, just like a Catherine wheel.

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