Tuesday, 29 November 2011


For weeks now I've been looking at life through a fog. The world's been dense and dark and exhaustion has held its heavy hand on my head. I've hauled my body through the endless days and then slumped miserably into bed at night.

I've written little, photographed nothing, smiled only when required to and cleaned my house a lot. The balance has been all wrong.

But earlier this week, for no discernible reason, the fog thinned and dispersed.

I awoke and the world looked bright and when I flung open my window I gasped at what I saw.

What - is it already Advent? Are there wreaths to make and presents to pick? Are there soups to make and bread to bake? Are there beautiful roses on my mantelpiece? Is that my happy boy saying "Choo Choo!"? Are there candles to light? Friends to meet? A house to build? Gifts to stitch?

Oh life feels full and fun again - I'm so excited to be awake.

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  1. I'm so glad you feel better. I was utterly exhausted when my younger daughter was a toddler so I know how you feel. But isn't it great when you look around and suddenly realise that you are perfectly happy?