Tuesday, 17 January 2012

All Aboard!

Today we rode the Gordon Express to the duck pond, the playground and the castle. We stopped to take on passengers, to collect tickets and to blow the horn - a lot.

I loved being the mother of a baby so very much. But this? Oh, this is so much fun.


  1. 2/3/4 is my favourite bit. When they don't think you are anything but wonderful. I'm glad you captured a slice of it in pictures.
    I'm kind of looking forward to Grandparenthood....

  2. I have a photo of my 2 eldest boys in a simple cardboard box train with their teddies...and now they are aged 40 and 42. 'Toddlerhood' is my favourite. It goes in a flash! x

  3. Adorable John - I am so glad to see your smiles today because I know you have been poorly. Who knows - perhaps one day you WILL be a train driver...or a jet fighter pilo...or a round the world sailor!