Wednesday, 29 February 2012


There was a silent magic in the air today. The world held its breath as the sun turned its gentle smile on the earth and the morning was so still that I could hear the flowers unfurling from their buds.

It was a day for exploring and adventuring, it was a day for being outside. And so, with boxes of raisins in my pockets and a small boy by my side, we made our way to the castle.

We ran the length of the beautiful gardens, John rolled about on the grass and I marvelled at the beauty of reds, golds, whites, purples and pinks.

We felt the warm sun on our skin and then I sat in the dappled sunshine whilst my boy spent a long time on this:

Whenever anyone asks me what I do for a living and I tell them that I'm a full-time mummy, they always tell me I'm lucky.

But in truth, I rarely feel lucky. I feel bored, frustrated, content, busy, infuriated and overwhelmed with love several times a day; but rarely do I feel lucky.

But today, as I sat in the sunshine, in this most beaitiful place, with the most beautiful of boys, I was so aware of the rare privilege that it was to be here, doing this, on an ordinary Tuesday morning.

And even though there were still moments when I felt bored, frustrated, content, busy, infuriated and overwhelmed with love, I also felt lucky. Lucky beyond belief.

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  1. I think you really know you were lucky once they are a bit bigger and the memory of the hard work, boredom and drudgery fades a bit.

    The obligatory emergency boxes of raisins in every bag and pocket thing goes away too. Thank goodness.

    John looks so grown up in the picture of him on the tractor - it's one of those that gives you a glimpse of the man he will become.