Friday, 2 March 2012

A Big Boy's Vest

After a full year in which many sweaters made it on to the needles but none managed to make it off, I've actually finished a simple yet satisfying vest.

This morning, I slipped it over John's head, and the vest, that looked so enormous on the needles, seemed suddenly to look rather small.

And I was faced with a boy who looked grown-up, handsome, self-possessed, and nothing at all like the squidgy blond toddler that ran at life in a frenzy of aimless enthusiasm just a few months ago.  

All day, as I caught sight of him, I kept asking myself who this big boy was who walked so sensibly and worked so purposefully, and yet still brightened the world with his joyous moments of aimless enthusiasm.

And I had to remind myself that its my almost-two-year-old who is growing up so very quickly.

Somehow it took a new vest for me to notice the big boy that he has become.  


  1. It is always such a shock Helen. My baby has just become a grandfather - much more of a shock to me than the realisation that I am now a great-grandmother! Bobby x

    1. Congratulations Bobby! It must be such a blessing to watch your son become a father and now a grandfather.x