Saturday, 31 March 2012

Why, Hello Summer!

This week, the weather decided to pretend that it was summer, and so we decided to play along.

At first, we were cautious in our welcome, tentatively discarding our coats and warily leaving jumpers in the car. But as cloudless day followed cloudless day we gradually slipped off our shoes and socks, began to seek out sun cream and sunglasses, and eventually grew so confident in the constant warmth of the world that I scrubbed down the paddling pool, pulled out the sandpit and accepted the warm embrace of summer.

For one glorious week we abandoned all our usual trips and tasks and committed ourselves wholeheartedly to soaking up the sunshine.

We read outside, played outside, ate outside, and John even decided to skip his afternoon sleep so as to maximise the amount of time he could spend outside.

And even though everyone I've met all week has told me that "it won't last" and "we'll pay for it later" there has been no space for misery in my mind, because my whole being has been saturated with sunshine and I feel as though I'm glowing from the inside out.

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