Thursday, 17 May 2012

Worth It

I procrastinated about renewing our National Trust membership.  It was expensive. It was unnecessary. It was something I'd intended to cancel a long time ago.

But to be able to meet my Mum at Powys Castle on a day when the sheer thought of the hours ahead made me cry, to meet her in the car park and get that deep hug that I craved, to sit on the flower-strewn banks of a silent lake and eat a picnic whilst the sun dipped in and out of the clouds, to amble through paths lined with nodding bluebells and smell the sweet scent of azaleas at every turn, to watch my boy bury his face in the startling pink of a rhododendron flower and then decide that it smelled good enough to eat, to wander through wind-swept narcissus and capture a picture that I will cherish forever, to eat chocolate brownies in the garden tea rooms, to chatter and smile and leave knowing that the week has been completely tuned around - well, it was worth every penny of that membership fee, and perhaps a little bit more besides.


  1. Helen you are so right - I often think "Goodness this is a luxury not a need I must cancel membership" And I still haven't. Just last weekend we wondered along the Jurassic Coast (free parking as a member - lol!!) and I felt really pleased that "my" money (not anyone else's of course!!!!!!!) was helping to maintain this beautiful site.
    Gorgeous pics of John as usual. I visit here everyday to see if there is a new post - your blog is a peaceful place in a mad world.

  2. LOL we had NT family membership for years and I can't remember the last time either of the girls came with us. So this year when we renewed we left them off but got a good deal because DH is over 60 so gets a concession rate plus we paid for a single adult membership for me. But we couldn't do without our NT membership. They have the best tearooms around.

    It's worth checking if you go to a place that's not covered by NT if you get a discount because of being a member - lots of places give discounts but don't advertise it. English Heritage do the same - we got into Brighton Pavilion for 1/3 off the advertised price. Also if you pay for one entry, lots of places will give you unlimited entry for a full year. That's worth having with a young one whose attention span is limited and who has definite favourites. Back in the days when the Natural History Museum charged entry our daughter always wanted to go and see the model of the little dinosaur eating the big dinosaur (do they still have that model?) and only after she had seen it could she be persuaded to go and look at something else