Saturday, 30 June 2012

At The Zoo

Today we took John to the zoo.

We showed him all the animals that you could possibly imagine, from elephants to emus and chimpanzees to cheetahs.

He saw monkeys that could hang upside down by just their tails and bats that swooped soundlessly through the dark, and we lifted him up high to show him  lions gnawing chunks of meat and elephants embracing with their trunks.

We introduced him to animatronic dinosaurs that roared and stretched and rolled their yellow eyes...

...and that seemed friendly enough, until one spat unexpectedly on my leg, and then turned frankly terrifying.

But the highlight of the day? The one that made his whole face light up with joy and left him giggling with unsuppressed glee? The one that he had to be dragged away from kicking and screaming because the excitement was just too great?

It was the monorail.

Sometimes I wonder why we bother.


  1. Boys and their vehicles! Tsk.

  2. How I chuckled, Helen. In my experience,there was never any contest between expensive gifts and large, empty boxes. The sobbing when the boxes finally disintegrated, had to be heard to be believed. Bobby x