Monday, 13 August 2012

Spotty Little Monsters

"Guess what we're making today," I asked, lifting him up to the table.

John surveyed the googly eyes and feathers laid out in front of him and said without hesitation "monsters!"

And so, with no prompting at all from me, and no help whatsoever, John made monsters. Big ones and baby ones. Ones with feathers and ones with spots and ones that went "boom, boom, boom!" towards me.

The results were spectacular.

And it was the perfect activity for my own little spotty monster, who is handling chicken pox in his own easy-going way, with a lot of sleep, a cheery smile and just the occasional itch.  


  1. Oh! I am so sorry for you because it is awful to see them so poorly but he will bounce back really quickly. On the plus side you won't have to worry about it when he is older when they tend to get it much worse.

  2. Mine all had it at John's age. I have very similar photos. I love the monsters.