Wednesday, 12 December 2012



Every day, John asks me: "It Christmas time now mummy?" and every day I tell him "No, it's not Christmas time yet, it's Advent. It's the time when we get ready for Christmas."  

And even though his little face falls and he sighs a little exaggerated sigh, I can't share his disappointment, because, for me, Advent is as important as Christmas time itself.

Advent seems to have become a forgotten season in a country that can't wait for Christmas, but really Advent is a period of preparation.

It's about waiting, and promise and an expectation of joy. It's about the simple magic of a candle flame and shivers of awe at the first chorus of carols.

It's about a dining table covered with glitter and a kitchen floor dotted with holly berries. It's about floury worktops and lists on the fridge and a sense of urgency that stays with you throughout.

It's about washing windows and polishing wood, and making cards and buying gifts. It's about bringing greenery in from the cold and planning magic in secret.

It's about cold churches that smell of pine by day, and glow from within by night and it's about thinking and praying and opening our spirits to the possibility of change.   

It's about making ready for a miracle. I can't imagine Christmas without it.

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  1. I love this, especially, "It's about making ready for a miracle." So very beautiful and true. I'm glad you are back, Helen.