Sunday, 30 December 2012


It's hard to sum up the spirit of a season in a few short sentences or capture the magic of a miracle in words.

Christmas this year was busy and exhausting and joyful and wonderful.

There was exuberance and calm, extravagance and magic, and through it all, a small boy who soaked up the season like a sponge and then radiated its glory to everyone he met.  

Tonight, as I sit and and look back over the photos I took and the memories I made, I feel nothing but gratitude. Gratitude for family, gratitude for a season of celebration, gratitude for a small boy to share it with, and gratitude for the awesome opportunity to open up a miracle for him and shower him with that special sort of magic that only comes at Christmas.




  1. What a magical time you had and this is a lovely way to present your memories. It gave me such a warm feeling inside - he looked so in awe of all the joy and wonder. Beautiful! x

  2. That was beautiful. Just beautiful.