Friday, 21 December 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!


Lessons Learnt from Decorating the Tree:

1. Erecting the tree is a serious business. Appropriate headgear must be worn.

2. Filling the bucket with gravel is man work. No interference necessary.

3. No matter how you try to market it, fairy lights will never be as interesting to a two-year-old as a bucket full of gravel.

4. There must be some (rather heated) discussion over whether carols or cheesy Christmas tunes are the most appropriate music to accompany the tree decorating process.

5. Cheesy Christmas tunes will start to grate on the nerves at exactly the same moment that the (rather heated) discussion about the correct way to place the fairy lights begins.

6. It will take a matter of minutes for the bottom two branches of the tree to hold 80% of the decorations.

7. Re-distribution of decorations (and fairy lights) must be done stealthily to avoid upset.
8. When tree decorating gets dull it's a relief to have a bucket of gravel to fall back on.

9. If you own a single glass ornament, it is guaranteed to get dropped.
10. When tensions begin to mount, turn off the cheesy Christmas tunes and dim all the lights. Against all the odds, magic has been created.


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