Wednesday, 20 February 2013

That Day

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Yesterday was that day. That magical February day. That day when the heavy, oppressive cold of winter dissipates into a clear blue sky and the sun breathes hope into your heart.
That day when the air is light and clear and your body no longer has to fight for survival but can relax into the rhythm of being and notice the faint scent of Spring. That day when you first close your eyes and lift your face to the sky. That day when you first take your hands out of the warmth of your pockets and touch the rough bark of the trees. That day when the hours first pass easily beneath a distant but steady sun and the world feels ripe with hope.
And on that day, nothing in the world is more important than getting out and soaking it all up. Nothing is more important than letting your spirit unfurl in the sunshine and your mind wander up into the clear blueness of the sky. Nothing is more important than planting your feet on the awakening soil and becoming part of the magic.
And if, on that day, you happen upon a sea of snowdrops nodding and blinking in the sunshine, and have all the time in the world to linger and look at them whilst the sun sinks into your scalp and your boy hops happily about amongst them, then that is a blessing that you neither expected nor deserved and you must smile to yourself and count yourself blissfully blessed by the wonders of that day.

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  1. How amazing! I've never seen a carpet of snowdrops. Bluebells yes, but snowdrops never. Beautiful! x