Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Will It Always Be?


Will it always be this way? That I miss him when I wake in the night and he's still silently sleeping?

Will it always be? That I stand in the darkness of his room and marvel at the soft sound of his breathing and the gentle curve of his neck?

Will I always plant stealthy kisses on his head and cheek every time they come within reach? And will I always try to clasp and cuddle him whilst he ducks and wriggles from my arms?

Will it always be this way? That I miss the closeness of his baby body with such an aching physical intensity that I have to wrap my empty arms around my chest and squeeze the hollowness away?

Will it always be? That I, who once thought myself one complete person, feel absent and part missing whenever he's away?

And if it will always be this way, how ever will I bear it when he is grown and gone? How ever will I bear it?

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  1. There is a season for everything, Helen, and this is the season for being a Mum to a very tiny child who looks to you for eveything so naturally and without even thinking about it, we respond. But gradually, over many years, almost without us noticing, things change and though you miss them when they are grown and gone it is not unbearable; for by then a new season has started; not only for our children, but for us too.